Discover Top G3 Pontoon Dealers in Irving, TX Today! 1

Discover Top G3 Pontoon Dealers in Irving, TX Today!


If you’re on the hunt for G3 pontoon dealers in Irving, TX, your search ends at Blackbeard Marine. Recognized for their exceptional service and vast selection, Blackbeard Marine is the go-to destination for boat enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find a range of G3 fishing and pontoon boats designed to meet the needs of any outdoor aficionado, from the weekend warrior to the serious angler.

Irving, TX is home to Blackbeard Marine, a name synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction. They have been voted the Best Boat Dealer in DFW, making it the perfect place for those looking to purchase a G3 boat. Whether you seek the durability of a Suncatcher pontoon or the versatility of a G3 fishing boat, Blackbeard Marine offers a comprehensive inventory that promises to cater to your specific lifestyle and budget needs.

Boat buying can be a complex process, but Blackbeard Marine simplifies it for you. With options for boat financing, insurance, and payment calculation, they ensure a smooth transition from browsing to boating. Plus, their location in Irving, TX, makes them easily accessible from anywhere in the Dallas area.

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Why Choose G3 Pontoons

When you’re in the market for a pontoon, you want something that stands the test of time and adventure. G3 Boats, available through Blackbeard Marine in Irving, TX, offers just that. Let’s dive into why G3 pontoons are a top choice for boaters.

G3 Boats’ Unique Features

Durability and Dependability: G3 pontoons are known for their sturdy construction. Each model is all-welded, meaning there are no rivets that can loosen over time. This construction method ensures your boat is more resistant to leaks and damage, providing peace of mind during your water adventures.

Value: With G3, you get a lot of bang for your buck. These boats are designed to offer high quality at a competitive price, making them an excellent investment for both new and experienced boaters.

Coastal Fishing and Big Family Fun: Whether you’re angling in the bay or enjoying a day out on the lake with the family, G3 pontoons have you covered. Their modified-V hull offers a smooth ride in various water conditions, while the all-aluminum construction keeps the boat lightweight and efficient.

Rugged Deep V Models: For those who take on rougher waters, the rugged Deep V models provide extra stability and durability. These boats are built to endure, season after season, ensuring your investment lasts.

The G3 Advantage Warranty

Five-Year Bow to Stern Boat Limited Warranty: Peace of mind comes standard with G3 pontoons, thanks to their comprehensive warranty. This coverage ensures that your boat remains in top condition, from the bow to the stern.

Limited Lifetime on External Seams: G3 stands behind the quality of their construction with a lifetime warranty on external seams. This is a testament to the durability and dependability of their pontoons.

Transferable Warranty: If you decide to sell your G3 pontoon within five years of purchase, the warranty can be transferred to the second owner. This not only adds value to your boat but also reassures the new owner of its quality and reliability.

In conclusion, choosing a G3 pontoon means opting for a boat that will provide countless memorable experiences on the water. With their unique features and the G3 Advantage Warranty, you’re not just buying a boat; you’re investing in years of adventure, fun, and peace of mind. And with Blackbeard Marine in Irving, TX, finding the right G3 pontoon for your needs has never been easier.

Finding the Right G3 Pontoon Dealer in Irving, TX

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect G3 pontoon, the dealer you choose can make all the difference. Blackbeard Marine Dallas stands out as a beacon for boat enthusiasts in Irving, TX, and here’s why.

Services Offered by Dealers

Blackbeard Marine Dallas isn’t just about selling boats; it’s about offering a complete boating experience. Here’s a quick look at the services that set them apart:

  • Boat Financing: They simplify the buying process with various financing options. Whether you’re eyeing a Suncatcher Pontoon or a sleek ski boat, they guide you through the financial maze.
  • Insurance and Payment Calculation: Navigating through insurance options and payment calculations can be tricky. Blackbeard Marine Dallas offers expertise to ensure you’re getting the best deal without any hidden surprises.
  • Service Needs and Extended Service Contracts: Beyond the initial purchase, they’ve got your back with comprehensive service needs and extended service contracts, ensuring your boat stays in prime condition.

Popular G3 Models Available

At Blackbeard Marine Dallas, you’re spoilt for choice with a range of G3 models that cater to every boating aficionado’s needs:

  • Suncatcher Pontoons: Ideal for family fun and leisure, these pontoons offer comfort and durability for those tranquil lake days.
  • Fishing Boats: For the angler in you, their selection of G3 fishing boats is designed to enhance your fishing expeditions with advanced features like live wells and fish finders.
  • Bowriders and Ski Boats: If water sports are your thrill, the G3 bowriders and ski boats promise exhilarating speeds and unmatched performance.

Each model is showcased in their expansive indoor showroom, allowing you to get up close and personal with your potential new boat in a comfortable setting, no matter the weather outside.

Choosing the right G3 pontoon dealer in Irving, TX, is about finding a partner who will support your boating journey every step of the way. With Blackbeard Marine Dallas, you’re not just purchasing a boat; you’re joining a community that shares your passion for the water. Their commitment to customer service, extensive range of G3 models, and comprehensive after-sale services make them the go-to destination for your boating needs.

As we move into the next section, let’s explore how to make the most of your G3 pontoon for family fun, coastal fishing, and tackling big fish.

Making the Most of Your G3 Pontoon

Accessories and Apparel

Owning a G3 Pontoon is just the beginning of a fantastic adventure on the water. Whether you’re looking to spend quality time with your family, enjoy coastal fishing, or tackle big fish, the right accessories and apparel can significantly enhance your experience. Let’s dive into how you can make the most of your G3 Pontoon.

Family Fun

Family outings on a G3 Pontoon are unforgettable. To ensure everyone has the best time, consider adding comfortable seating or a sun pad for lounging. A high-quality sound system can play everyone’s favorite tunes, and a bimini top provides shade on sunny days. Don’t forget safety gear like life jackets for everyone on board, including pets!

Coastal Fishing

For the anglers, fishing accessories are a must. Rod holders, a live well or bait tank, and fish finders can turn your pontoon into a fishing machine. Tackle storage solutions keep your gear organized and easily accessible. And for those long days on the water, a cooler is essential to keep your catch fresh or your drinks cold.

Big Fish Tackling

Chasing the big ones requires some heavy-duty gear. Outfit your G3 Pontoon with a trolling motor for precise maneuvering, and consider upgrading to a more powerful fish finder with GPS capabilities for locating the best fishing spots. For the ultimate experience, specialized fishing seats and a casting deck can make a huge difference in comfort and efficiency.

G3 Gear

Embrace the lifestyle with G3 branded gear. Hats and outerwear like jackets and windbreakers can keep you comfortable in any weather, while G3 shirts make a statement of your boating passion. Don’t overlook safety; branded life jackets not only keep you safe but also show off your G3 pride.


Your G3 Pontoon’s versatility is enhanced by the right accessories. From navigation lights for evening cruises to anchor systems for securing your spot, each addition serves a purpose. Cleaning and maintenance products keep your pontoon in top condition, ensuring years of enjoyment.

To sum up, making the most of your G3 Pontoon is about tailoring it to your lifestyle. Whether it’s family fun, fishing, or both, the right accessories and apparel can elevate your boating experience. Safety comes first, so equip your pontoon with the necessary safety gear for peace of mind on the water. With these tips, your G3 Pontoon will be ready for whatever adventure comes your way.

We’ll look into the conclusion and wrap up our discussion on making the most out of your G3 Pontoon experience with Blackbeard Marine.


When it comes to finding the perfect pontoon boat that suits all your needs, Blackbeard Marine in Irving, TX, stands out as the premier choice. We’ve discussed the exceptional durability, dependability, and value that G3 Pontoons offer, along with their unique features designed for both leisure and fishing activities. Moreover, the G3 Advantage Warranty provides an added layer of confidence in your purchase, ensuring your boat is protected for years to come.

At Blackbeard Marine, we pride ourselves on not just being one of the top G3 pontoon dealers in Irving, TX, but also on our commitment to offering a comprehensive boating experience. From our indoor showroom that allows you to browse our wide selection of G3 models comfortably, to our flexible financing options and expert maintenance services, we’re here to ensure you get the most out of your boating adventures.

Our services extend beyond the sale. Whether you need assistance with boat financing, insurance, payment calculation, or you’re looking for extended service contracts, our team is dedicated to making your boat ownership experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. We understand the importance of having a reliable partner for all your boating needs, which is why we offer a range of services to keep your boat in top condition.

Choosing Blackbeard Marine means opting for a dealer that understands your passion for the water. With our popular G3 models, including the highly sought-after Suncatcher Pontoons, and a vast selection of accessories and apparel, we’re equipped to enhance your boating lifestyle. Whether you’re into coastal fishing, big family fun, or tackling big fish, we have something for everyone.

In conclusion, Blackbeard Marine is not just a dealership; it’s a gateway to the waterways and a partner in your boating journey. We’re here to help you make the most of your G3 Pontoon, ensuring every trip is memorable. For those looking to embark on their next aquatic adventure, we invite you to explore our offerings and see why we’re the trusted choice for boaters in and around Irving, TX.

Ready to find your perfect pontoon boat? Visit us today and let’s get you on the water!

Thank you for considering Blackbeard Marine as your partner in navigating the joys of boat ownership. Here’s to many happy days ahead on the water!