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2021 Manitou LX 25 RFX

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Vehicle Overview

Embark on an unequalled aquatic adventure with the stunning craftsmanship of the 2021 Manitou LX 25 RFX, a pontoon boat that redefines luxury and performance on the water. This brand-new, aluminum-crafted marvel combines sleek design with unparalleled engineering, making it the ultimate choice for both leisure and sport. Nestled in Kingston, OK, and donning the stock number MP119B121, this majestic vessel is not just a boat; it’s a statement of elegance and power.

Powered by a formidable Yamaha engine boasting 550 horsepower, the Manitou LX 25 RFX effortlessly glides across the water, offering both thrill and smoothness. Whether you’re slicing through waves for sport or leisurely cruising with loved ones, this pontoon boat ensures every journey is memorable. With a length of 25.0 ft, it perfectly balances size and agility, making it ideal for various water escapades.

Highlights of the 2021 Manitou LX 25 RFX include:

– **Newly Crafted Design:** Fresh out of the docks, this pontoon boat is the epitome of nautical innovation and style.
– **Made of Aluminum:** Constructed with high-quality aluminum, ensuring durability, stability, and a lighter weight for enhanced performance.
– **Powerful Yamaha Engine:** Equipped with a Yamaha engine, delivering 550 horsepower for exhilarating speed and smooth handling.
– **Impressive Length:** At 25.0 ft, it offers ample space for passengers and activities, making it versatile for fishing, sunbathing, or simply enjoying the open water.
– **Located in Kingston, OK:** Easily accessible for viewing and testing, this boat awaits in Kingston, OK, for its new owner.
– **Stock Number MP119B121:** Unique identification for easy reference and details about this specific model.

With the 2021 Manitou LX 25 RFX, every outing becomes an exclusive expedition, thanks to its sophistication, durability, and performance. Whether you’re an avid angler, a sun seeker, or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this pontoon boat is designed to exceed expectations. Discover the joy of owning a premium watercraft that sets new standards in boating excellence. Your aquatic adventure begins with the Manitou LX 25 RFX.

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About This BOAT

Model:LX 25 RFX
Unit Type:BOAT
Boat Style:Pontoon
Availability:In Stock
Hull Construction:Aluminum
Powered By:Yamaha
Location:Kingston OK
Total Horsepower:250
Engine:Single Outboard
Exterior Color:White
Stock Number:MP119B121
VIN Number:Tii80119B121

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