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2023 Yamaha Boat AR220

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Vehicle Overview

Step aboard the latest innovation in watercraft excitement with the new 2023 Yamaha AR220 Jet Boat. This exhilarating model combines power and elegance, designed to captivate both novice and seasoned boaters alike. Crafted meticulously in Afton, OK, the AR220 stands as a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to unparalleled performance and design. With a stock number of YB259E323, this boat is a masterpiece of engineering waiting to be unleashed on the water.

**Key Specifications:**
– **Boat Type:** Jet Boat, specifically designed for speed, agility, and ultimate fun on the water.
– **Material:** High-quality Fiberglass, offering an ideal balance of durability and lightweight performance, ensuring a smooth ride even at high speeds or in choppy waters.
– **Length:** A comfortable 22.0 feet, providing ample space for passengers and storage without compromising on maneuverability.
– **Engine Power:** Equipped with a potent 230 horsepower engine, this jet boat promises thrilling acceleration and the capability to tackle various watersports activities with ease.

**Additional Highlights:**
– **Location:** Perfectly situated in Afton, OK, this boat is positioned in a prime spot for both pick-up and immediate enjoyment on the beautiful surrounding waterways.
– **Design:** Yamaha’s commitment to excellence is evident in the sleek design and intuitive layout of controls, ensuring both comfort and ease of use.
– **Versatility:** Whether you’re cruising, fishing, or indulging in watersports, the Yamaha AR220 is built to accommodate a wide range of activities, making it the perfect companion for any water-based adventure.
– **Stock Number:** YB259E323 – This unique identifier confirms the authenticity and exclusivity of your Yamaha AR220 Jet Boat.

As you consider making the stunning 2023 Yamaha AR220 Jet Boat yours, envision the endless possibilities that await. This boat isn’t just a vehicle; it’s your ticket to unforgettable experiences on the water, promising countless days filled with joy, adventure, and the sheer thrill of speed. Don’t let this opportunity sail away; the AR220 is built to transform your aquatic dreams into reality. Embrace the call of the water with Yamaha’s newest marvel.

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About This BOAT

Make:Yamaha Boat
Unit Type:BOAT
Boat Style:Jet Boat
Availability:Sale Pending
Hull Construction:Fiberglass
Location:Afton OK
Total Horsepower:230
Exterior Color:Sapphire
Stock Number:YB259E323
VIN Number:YAMC0259E323

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