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2024 Blazer 2400 Striper

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Title: The High-Speed 2024 Blazer 2400 Striper: Where Performance Meets Versatility

The New 2024 Blazer 2400 Striper, currently available at Blackbeard Marine in Kingston, Oklahoma, epitomizes the perfect fusion between high performance and incredible versatility. As a full-featured, family-friendly bay boat, it comes with impressive specifications that guarantee an exceptional boating experience.

At an overall length of 24’1” and a beam of 8′ 3″, the Blazer 2400 Striper ensures its occupants an ample space, providing unprecedented stability and balance in various water conditions. Its lightweight construction of 2150 lbs is designed to deliver excellent seaworthiness and fuel efficiency, making it adept at navigating both shallow and deep waters.

A key feature of this model is its Yamaha SHO 250 HP motor. Known for its speed and power, this top-of-the-line engine is engineered to give users the smooth pickup and high-speed execution needed for both fishing expeditions and casual cruising.

Innovation and comfort are at the forefront of the Blazer 2400 Striper’s design, with its furnished cockpit boasting a spacious layout and a host of fishing-friendly amenities. These include a 40-gallon live well, dual 94-quart ice boxes, ample rod storage, as well as a large casting deck for the ultimate fishing experience.

A notable aspect that sets the Blazer 2400 Striper apart is its family-friendly features, making it the perfect boat for a fun-filled day out in the water. Equipped with cushioned seating, cup holders, and plenty of storage space, it ensures the ultimate comfort for the entire family.

The 2024 Blazer 2400 Striper precisely represents Blazer Boat’s commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. It’s not just a boat, but an investment in countless unforgettable water adventures. With its unique combination of speed, versatility, and family-oriented design, the Blazer 2400 Striper stands as an unrivaled choice for boating enthusiasts.

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Model:2400 Striper
Unit Type:BOAT
Availability:In Stock
Powered By:Yamaha
Location:Kingston OK
Stock Number:BL292F324
VIN Number:PNS24292F324
SName:2024 Blazer 2400 Striper
(580) 564-9576

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