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2024 Skeeter FXR21 Apex

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Vehicle Overview

Introducing the epitome of angling excellence and waterborne performance – the brand new 2024 Skeeter FXR21 Apex, now awaiting your command in Oklahoma City, OK under the stock number S424K324. Crafted with the avid bass angler in mind, this fiberglass masterpiece stretches a full 21.0 ft in length, offering unparalleled stability and agility on the water. At its heart roars a Yamaha engine, imbued with 250 horsepower, designed to propel you to your favorite fishing spots with both speed and efficiency.

The 2024 Skeeter FXR21 Apex is more than just a boat; it’s a testament to Skeeter’s commitment to quality, innovation, and the sheer joy of fishing. Let’s dive into the specifications that make it a predominate choice for anglers:

– **Construction**: Premium-grade fiberglass combines durability with a smooth, sleek finish, ensuring lasting performance and ease of maintenance.
– **Length**: At a commanding 21.0 ft, this bass boat balances size and manageability perfectly, making it ideal for both competitive fishing and leisurely days on the water.
– **Power Source**: Powered by a robust Yamaha engine boasting 250 horsepower, it delivers quick acceleration and ample power to navigate a variety of water conditions.
– **Location**: Conveniently located in Oklahoma City, OK, this vessel is ready to embark on thrilling fishing adventures across lakes and rivers.
– **Stock Number**: S424K324, a unique identifier ensuring that you’re looking at a one-of-a-kind vessel, tailored for the discerning angler.

The 2024 Skeeter FXR21 Apex is not merely a boat; it’s an investment in endless aquatic adventures and the promise of bountiful catches. Whether you’re competing in tournaments or enjoying peaceful mornings amidst nature, this bass boat stands ready to exceed your expectations and elevate your fishing experience. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of the pinnacle of fishing innovation and performance – contact us today and make the 2024 Skeeter FXR21 Apex yours.

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About This BOAT

Model:FXR21 Apex
Unit Type:BOAT
Boat Style:Bass Boat
Availability:In Stock
Hull Construction:Fiberglass
Powered By:Yamaha
Location:Oklahoma City OK
Total Horsepower:250
Exterior Color:Option # 1
Stock Number:S424K324
VIN Number:STE95424K324

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