Manitou Pontoon Boats

Manitou pontoon boats are a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, safety, and comfort. These boats come equipped with patented V-Toon technology, which allows them to turn with the precision and agility of a traditional V-bottom fiberglass boat. This technology also ensures superior stability, making the boat safe and secure for your family, even on days when the weather is not so smooth.

With a range of sizes from 22 to 27 feet, Manitou offers a variety of models to choose from, catering to different styles and budgets. The boats are available with engine options such as the new Rotax Ghost Outboard or traditional outboards, providing more flexibility to the buyers to customize their boats.

For those looking for more power, twin-engine models can provide horsepower up to 900, making it a perfect choice for those who love speed and adventure. We stock more dual engine pontoon boats than any other Manitou dealer.

In conclusion, Manitou pontoon boats offer a perfect blend of advanced technology, luxury, and performance. Whether you’re a family looking for a comfortable and safe ride or an adventure seeker yearning for speed, Manitou has the boat for you.

Manitou Pontoon Models

Manitou Pontoon Cruise

Manitou Cruise

Who says this is an entry-level boat? While this may be the starting point for the Manitou line, it comes with all the features found in its higher-end counterparts, including the fantastic V-Toon Technology. The boat is all-new for 2023 and comes with aluminum walls and the max deck. You won’t be disappointed with this boat.

Manitou Explore

Looking for something more than just a cruise experience? Why not “Explore” instead? Our new pontoon boat innovation features a Bimini top that can be easily operated with just one hand – a feature that will surely amaze you. You can choose between the Rotax S engine or traditional outboards, depending on your preference.

Manitou Pontoon LX

Manitou LX

Step it up a notch and add a little color while at it. The LX will get you there in style with a bit of pep. With horsepower up to 900 and a length up to 27ft. Bring your friends, family, their friends, their kids, the dogs – Okay, maybe not. But they will be asking.

Manitou Pontoon LX

Manitou XT

The Manitou XT is the epitome of luxury and performance. Its all-fiberglass walls not only look sleek, but also provide durability and protection from the elements. The sport arch and sport furniture add a touch of elegance to the design, while the available horsepower of up to 900 ensures that you’ll have a thrilling ride on the water. Whether you’re cruising along the shoreline or racing across the open water, the Manitou XT is sure to turn heads and provide an unforgettable experience.

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