Buyer’s Guide: Best Tritoon Dealerships for 2024


Are you overwhelmed with the seemingly endless search for a quality tritoon dealership? Boating enthusiasts like you are more and more drawn to tritoon boats, with their promise of stability, sleek design, and high-performance capabilities. The challenge comes when you have to find a tritoon dealership that won’t let you down, in either the buying process or in after-sales support.

Overview of Tritoon Boats and Their Rising Popularity

The rising popularity of tritoon boats is undeniable. They bring a unique value proposition to the market, offering all the leisurely enjoyment of a pontoon, but with additional stability, faster speeds, and a smoother ride. These boats are particularly favored by those who crave thrilling water sports activities or simply wish to explore larger water bodies.

Importance of Choosing the Right Tritoon Dealership

As the demand for tritoon boats grows, so does the importance of choosing the right tritoon dealership. This choice holds weight not only for acquiring your dream boat but also for enjoying a seamless purchase process and ongoing support services, whether for maintenance or upgrades. After all, the dealership you choose is likely to become your long-term partner in your boating journey.

To get you started on your tritoon dealership search, we’ve consolidated the essential features to look out for:

  • Industry Accreditations and Awards:This signifies the dealership’s commitment to superior customer service.
  • Staff Attitude: Look for an attentive and engaging team that indicates a long-term, customer-first approach.
  • Proximity: Optimum convenience comes from having the dealership near where you plan to keep your boat.
  • Service Department: Make sure they have manufacturer certifications and an organized work process.

Lastly, to give you a visual on how tritoon boats stack up against their competitors, check this infographic below. This data will reinforce your decision in opting for a tritoon boat and will guide you what specifications to look into when choosing the best tritoon dealership.

Tritoon vs Pontoon boat comparison - tritoon dealership infographic comparison-2-items-casual

Understanding Tritoon Boats: Features, Benefits, and Costs

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect boat, understanding the features, benefits, and costs associated with different models is crucial. In this section, we’re going to delve into tritoon boats.

Key Features of Tritoon Boats

Tritoon boats, as the name suggests, have three tubes or hulls beneath the deck, unlike traditional pontoon boats which only have two. This third tube provides additional buoyancy, improving stability and allowing for higher horsepower engines. At Blackbeard Marine, our tritoon boats are equipped with features designed for superior performance and comfort.

The key features of tritoon boats include:

  • Stability: The third tube provides extra stability, making the boat safer and more comfortable for passengers.
  • Speed: With the extra buoyancy, tritoon boats can handle larger engines, resulting in higher top speeds.
  • Capacity: Tritoon boats typically have higher passenger and weight capacities than traditional pontoons.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re fishing, cruising, or towing water skiers, tritoon boats can handle a wide range of on-water activities.

Benefits of Owning a Tritoon Boat

According to Manitou, the benefits of owning a tritoon boat far outweigh those of a twin tube pontoon. For starters, the third tube gives you better control on the water, allowing the captain, not the water, to be in charge.

Tritoon boats also offer:

  • Improved performance: Tritoon boats have better handling and cornering abilities, making them a joy to drive.
  • Enhanced comfort: Thanks to their superior stability, tritoons offer a smoother ride, especially in rough water conditions.
  • Multipurpose use: Whether you want to relax on a calm lake, fish with friends, or pull skiers or tubers, a tritoon boat is versatile enough to meet all your needs.

Average Cost of Tritoon Boats Based on Horsepower

The cost of a tritoon boat can vary greatly depending on the size, features, and horsepower. As per the research, the average cost for a tritoon boat with a 115 HP engine is around $15,825. For a 150 HP engine, you’re looking at an average price of $20,445. If you’re in the market for something with more power, a tritoon with a 250 HP engine costs on average $36,435, while a 350 HP engine can set you back around $43,560.

Keep in mind these are average prices. At Blackbeard Marine, we offer a wide range of tritoon boats to fit various budgets and lifestyle needs.

In the end, the benefits, stability, and versatility of a tritoon boat make it an excellent investment for those who love spending time on the water. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a first-time buyer, we at Blackbeard Marine are here to help you find the perfect tritoon boat.

Selecting the Best Tritoon Dealership: Factors to Consider

Choosing the right tritoon dealership is an important step in your boat buying journey. Here are some key factors to consider:

Reputation and Customer Service of the Dealership

Firstly, consider the reputation of the dealership. This can be determined by examining if the dealership has received any industry awards or local community accolades. A good dealership will have a culture of top-quality customer care, which can often be reflected by positive online reviews. Don’t hesitate to ask for references from existing customers, as their experiences can provide valuable insights .

Range of Tritoon Models Offered by the Dealership

The range of tritoon models offered by the dealership is also a crucial factor. A good dealership will offer a wide range of models, allowing you to choose the boat that best meets your specific needs and preferences. At Blackbeard Marine, for example, we offer a diverse selection of tritoon boats, ensuring our customers can find the perfect boat to match their lifestyle and budget .

After-Sales Services and Support Provided by the Dealership

After-sales services and support are essential for maintaining your boat in the long run. Look for a dealership that provides factory-trained personnel for boat servicing. You want to ensure that your boat is in good hands when it comes time for maintenance. Here at Blackbeard Marine, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive after-sales services, with a dedicated team of factory-trained specialists ready to assist you .

Special Offers and Discounts Available at the Dealership

Lastly, consider any special offers or discounts available at the dealership. Some dealerships may offer financial incentives such as discounts, financing options, or trade-in opportunities that can make your boat purchase more affordable. At Blackbeard Marine, we regularly provide special offers to our customers, making it easier for you to own the tritoon boat of your dreams .

Selecting the right tritoon dealership is a significant step towards a smooth and enjoyable boating experience. By considering these factors, you can ensure that you choose a dealership that not only provides a great selection of boats, but also offers excellent customer service and comprehensive after-sales support.

Top Tritoon Dealerships to Consider in 2024

While there are many dealerships to choose from, find a tritoon dealership that stands out from the crowd with its commitment to quality, customer service, and after-sales support. In this regard, one dealership that comes highly recommended is Blackbeard Marine.

Overview of Blackbeard Marine: A Leading Tritoon Dealership

At Blackbeard Marine, we are proud to be a leading tritoon dealership with over 20 years of industry experience. We are family-owned and operated, and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best service and highest quality products in the boating industry. Our strong reputation for dependable service, as demonstrated by our excellent track record of repeat business, sets us apart.

Unique Selling Proposition of Blackbeard Marine

We consider our unique selling proposition to be our dedication to customer service. We have been recognized as the #1 Dealer in Customer Service in the World for 8 years in a row . We go above and beyond to ensure our customers have the best boating experience possible. We even call our regular customers every fall to remind them to bring their boats in for winterization and service.

Range of Tritoon Boats Available at Blackbeard Marine

We offer a diverse range of tritoon boats, including popular brands like Manitou, Suncatcher, and Aloha. Whether you’re looking for a small single-engine tritoon or a large 27ft, 800 horsepower dual engine tri-toon, we’ve got you covered . In addition to new models, we also offer pre-owned boats, ensuring there’s a boat for every budget and preference. You can check out our full inventory on our website.

Customer Service and After-Sales Support at Blackbeard Marine

We believe that the boat buying experience doesn’t end when you leave our dealership. We offer expert troubleshooting, diagnosis, and fixing services for all major outboard brands, ensuring your boat stays in top condition . Plus, we provide comprehensive after-sales support, including boat maintenance and service.

At Blackbeard Marine, you’re not just buying a boat; you’re joining a community of boating enthusiasts who share your passion for the open water. We look forward to welcoming you to our family and helping you find the perfect tritoon boat for your needs!


Recap of the Importance of Choosing the Right Tritoon Dealership

Choosing the right tritoon dealership is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your boating experience. The perfect dealership should offer a diverse range of tritoon models, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and after-sales support. As a buyer, you should feel confident and comfortable with your purchase, knowing that you are backed by a reputable dealership that values your satisfaction and stands by their products.

Final Thoughts on Blackbeard Marine as a Top Tritoon Dealership for 2024

We at Blackbeard Marine strive to provide the ultimate boat buying experience. Our reputation speaks for itself, with a history of providing good dependable service and an excellent record of repeat business (source: Modern Marine). Our dedicated team offers expert guidance, taking the complexity out of the boat buying process and making it as enjoyable and easy as possible.

Our selection of tritoon boats is diverse, catering to a variety of needs and preferences. As one Reddit user noted, tritoon boats are among the nicest on the market, providing excellent value for money (source: Reddit). At Blackbeard Marine, we offer competitive pricing and unbeatable specials, ensuring that owning a boat doesn’t have to break your bank.

Furthermore, our commitment to our customers extends beyond the point of sale. From regular maintenance checks to expert troubleshooting and fixing services, we ensure your boat stays in top condition. This dedication to after-sales support provides peace of mind to our customers, knowing that their investment is well protected.

When you choose Blackbeard Marine, you’re not just purchasing a boat; you’re investing in a lifestyle of unforgettable memories on the water. As we sail into 2024, we invite you to join our community of boating enthusiasts and discover why we are a top choice for tritoon dealerships.

For more information on our services and offerings, explore our site. Whether you’re interested in our boat inventory, or require service and support, we’re here to help you navigate your boating journey with ease and confidence.

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